War Damn Burgers!

contributed by Natan Shar

5 lbs ground beef
12 oz Mr. P’s Original Marinade*
2 cups bread crumbs

In a large mixing bowl, combine beef & marinade. Work the mixture like a meatloaf. Once the marinade is completely mixed through, pour in the breadcrumbs & mix evenly (I pour in about a half cup at a time). The breadcrumbs will provide the consistency you need to patty the meat and keep it together on the grill. Pat out into 20 burgers, and tailgate away!

*I would NOT recommend a salty marinade like Moore’s or Dale’s for this. If you don’t have Mr. P’s where you are (sad), find a marinade that is great for beef, but not full of sodium.
Makes 20 HEALTHY burgers

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