Toomer’s Lemonade

as published in Alfa Farmer’s Magazine, Fall 2000

5 lbs. sugar
1 pint lemon juice

Create Simple Syrup the day before you want to make the lemonade by pouring 5 lbs. sugar into a gallon jug. Then fill the jug with hot water (preferably heated on the stove). Stir and/or shake until sugar dissolves and solution is clear. Refrigerate overnight. To make one gallon of lemonade, combine 1 pint lemon juice and 2 pints Simple Syrup in a gallon container. Finish filling container with water and ice. Stir well. –An Auburn Tradition.
Makes 1 Gallon Lemonade, 1 Gallon Simple Syrup (enough for 4 gallons of lemonade)

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One Response to Toomer’s Lemonade

  1. Peggi Horn says:

    Thanks! I plan to use this recipe for lemonade served at our church’s ladies’ dinner. I will also be decorating a table with all Auburn “stuff” with a Toomer’s corner oak tree draped in toilet tissue as the center piece. All National Champ decorations. Hope this will be a fun event. WARRRRRRRRRRRRR EAgle!!!!!!!!