The Tailgating Creed

I believe that football season on the Plains is an Auburn Family reunion.

Therefore, I believe in tailgating, hard tailgating.

I believe in preparation and planning, which starts on Monday and lasts through the week.

I believe in half pound cheeseburgers, beer brats, and all beef franks, without which I cannot quench the hunger of my fellow man.

I believe in the twilight stocking of the cooler, the late night breakdown, and an appetite that is not afraid.

I believe in portable generators, box fans, and satellite TV, without which it would not be possible to watch ESPN in quasi-comfort.

I believe in the lifetime memories created at the tailgate, and cherish the opportunity to make new ones.

I believe in Auburn University, and am grateful to it for my education and for the life friends I made there.

And because of what the gathering of the Auburn Family means to me, I believe in tailgating, Auburn tailgating, and love it.

2 Responses to The Tailgating Creed

  1. Patsy Carlisle says:

    This is great! I wish I could print it out and frame it. Who gets credit for writing it?

  2. Natan says:

    Jason Lee, one of our founding tailgate members, wrote it. We are actually in the process of having some prints made – we’ll let you know when they’re available!