Insect Control

Fall in the South is beautiful! The climate in September and October add so much to the college football atmosphere – but one downside to the wonderful temperatures is the presence of insects. We still have plenty of mosquitos, ants, and fleas that can hinder your tailgating experience. Here are a couple of tips to reduce the presence of insects around your tailgate.

Use a Preventive Fog or Spray
If you were throwing this party in your back yard, and you had a flea, ant, or mosquito infestation, you would probably treat your yard before the party. We treat our tailgate spot every year at the beginning of the season. We have used several different “Bug Free Backyard” types of products, and are sold on the concept. Spray your tailgate spot as before you do anything else the first week of the season. Pay special attention to any shrubbery or overgrown areas nearby, as these are the preferred grounds for mosquitos.  By the time you get your tents up and GameDay on the television, the treatment will probably be dry. Most of these treatments last for weeks, so you may even make it to the first cold weather before it wears off.

Pack Bug Spray
While it sounds simple enough, bug spray is not at the top of the packing list for most tailgaters. We tend to be focused on ice, drinks, food, and tickets. Not bugs. Bring some adult and kid-friendly bug spray to have at the tailgate, just in case you or your guests need it.
Remember that your tailgate is a party, and you are the host.  You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable. If they are being attacked by swarms of insects, they probably will not be back any time soon!

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