Don’t Forget the Tickets!

We live two hours from our tailgate spot. A trip back home to get something is really not possible. While most forgotten items may not be crucial to the gameday experience, tickets really are.

As tailgaters, we tend to be focused on our tailgating supplies – did we prepare enough food for everyone? Do we have enough ice? Do we need to pick up some paper plates or trash bags on the way to campus? Unfortunately, we have been in the driveway several times when my wife has remembered to ask if I got the game tickets. She is now in charge of remembering the game tickets. I have proven over the years that I do not have the focus to handle this, so my wife is in charge of making sure we get out the door with tickets. She is much more capable of handling this than I am.

Figure out who in your household can be the dependable one when it comes to the biggest essential item of the day, and if it’s not you, accept it and move on. I have, and I am much happier knowing that we’ll get to campus with tickets in hand!

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