Clean Up Your Tailgate Spot!

We love our time down on the Plains in the fall. We look forward to it every year, and treat every week as a privileged visit to our cherished campus. We believe in Auburn, and love it. Nothing makes us cringe more than seeing a pile of trash strewn across a tailgate spot at the end of the day.

Take a few minutes to clean up your tailgate spot at the end of the day. Unless you have a huge tailgate full of slobs, it really shouldn’t be in too bad of shape anyway. If you don’t have the ability to take your trash home with you, at least bag it up and leave it in a prominent spot.

Auburn University does a tremendous job of collecting trash on Sundays after games, so that campus is beautiful on Monday mornings for classes. Help them out by treating your campus with the respect it deserves by cleaning up after yourself!

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