Our Toomer’s Oak carries the torch for its parents today

Baby Toomer's Oak 2013

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AU Tailgate Map

AU Tailgate Map

AU Tailgate Map

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War Eagle Chicken

Basting Sauce

1 Qt. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Qt. Cooking Oil
1 box poultry seasoning
½ box salt
(Add some real lemon if you like.)
Simmer, do not boil.

Final Sauce

2 Boxes dark brown sugar
1 bottle Heinz 57 sauce
3 bottles Worcestershire sauce (10 oz)
½ cup ketchup
½ cup real lemon

Simmer, do not boil.

Immerse chickens in basting sauce. Place skin down on grill. Salt & pepper chickens. When you turn, salt & pepper again. Baste as required. COOK SLOW
When finished cooking, dip chickens in final sauce. DO NOT PUT BACK ON GRILL.


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Blue’s War Damn Butts

contributed by Blue Russell

1 Boston Butt

Rub Ingredients:
¼ Tsp. Cumin
¼ Tsp. Cinnamon
1 Tsp. Chili Powder
1 Tsp. Garlic Powder
¼ Cup Brown Sugar
¼ Cup Paprika
¼ Cup Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

Mix thoroughly in bowl and rub into meat.

Have smoker heat between 225 and 250 degrees. Smoke 90 min. per pound (fat side down)

Once the temperature inside meat reaches 180 degrees, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and continue to cook until you go through a six pack or until the fire runs out.

The longer the better (this is what makes it tender)

Pull and Eat

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It’s been a little while.  Man it feels good.  War Eagle!

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Auburn Hospitality Sets Standards

Gamecock fans can show team pride without being rude, disrespectful

By Josh Dawsey, Ellen Meder and Kara Apel
The Daily Gamecock

Published: Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to Auburn.

Seriously. Welcome to Auburn.

Everyone said it – while giving directions, offering food, serving free drinks and speaking to all.

They shook hands. They thanked you for visiting.

And some even apologized just in case someone else was mean to you. It almost felt like there was a planned hospitality committee in this gorgeous, quaint town on the Plains. We all were in awe- the only rude fans we saw were wearing garnet and black.

Jordan-Hare Stadium was an incredible experience due to a raucous crowd, a fantastic gameday environment and a gorgeous eagle that swooped over the stadium and sat on the sideline. The crowd chanted the entire game, but there were no rude catcalls toward USC or untoward motions to the fans, at least from our vantage points.

This small town was the best of the best. Before the game, friends told us all the campus was like Clemson. Not true. This place was pristine with class. It had character. And the people had character. They even recycled.

Contrast that with nine days ago during the USC-Furman game. Our students screamed obscenities at a measly out-of-conference opponent. There were boos when the other team took the field. We were rude to Furman. Yes – Furman.

And that’s not even considering Georgia. We all saw horrible exchanges during that game, from our students cursing out older fans to belligerent drunks throwing up in the student section to security guards escorting our students out by the multitudes.

Sure, other schools are rude. LSU and Georgia are among the worst. But as some of us have noticed, we’re getting a reputation for being among the worst, too. Do we want that? Football is fierce and intense. But we believe our student body should desire to be above the fray – above the substandard, juvenile conduct of others. What does that say about us? Are we holding to our ideals?

This is not to say we should care less. Let’s care more. But let’s show some class, some respect and some South Carolina hospitality. Let’s not scream obscenities or racial slurs at the other team.

It’s sometimes said football is a lot like life. If so, we’re leaving a lot to be desired.

Thank you, Auburn. You set the standard for what SEC football should be. If we have to lose, we’ll lose there every time. From what we saw, you gave us the best of the South and the best college football has to offer. Let’s do the same for Alabama in two weeks.

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All I Do is WIN!!!

Apparently, the “tunnel song” at AU is such a hit this year with the students, T-Pain visited Auburn for a concert.  Check it out.  Pretty cool…War Eagle!

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Slushy Tailgate Drink (aka “Jackie Juice”)

Contributed by Cleo Gorman

1 can pineapple juice
1 small bottle mango juice
(pineapple/mango juice is named in original recipe, but it’s difficult to find, so I just purchased them separately)
1 can frozen lemonade
1 can frozen limeade
3 cups light rum
4 cups water

In a 1 gallon container, combine all ingredients above and freeze, ideally for 48 hours. For the first few hours while it sets up, stir frequently. Enjoy, especially on a hot day!

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Eagle Practice at Jordan-Hare

Here is a pretty cool article and video about the practice regimen and expectations from the trainers of the eagles that fly in pregame. It’s definitely worth the read!

A volunteer, wearing a glove over one hand while clutching a leash with Spirit’s breakfast attached to it in the other, waits patiently on the sidelines. As Spirit soars past the suites lining the eastern side of the stadium and glides over the student section, the volunteer dashes to the 50-yard line, with the bait bouncing close behind on the turf of Pat Dye Field. Spirit sticks the landing and gets his reward.

You can read the entire article here.

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Tailgate Trailer is READY!

Well, we had an excellent mock tailgate Saturday night. Over 30 people showed up, and we had a great time. Everything worked out perfectly. We even had a serious downpour after we had the tents up and the TV on, so we had a real-world test of everything. If you haven’t seen this year’s tailgating trailer, check out the pics!

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Stuffed Jalapenos

contributed by Harry Lemming

1lb ground sausage (browned)
1 cream cheese
3/4 cup grated parmesan
24-26 fresh jalepeno peppers – halved & cleaned

Mix cream cheese with browned sausage and stuff jalepenos with mixture. Bake 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Then put parmesan cheese on top and brown 3-4 minutes.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Wind!

We’ve all seen the carnage: crumpled tent skeletons piled up next to trash cans on the beach after a heavy storm, twisted metal and hundreds of dollars sown the drain. How many times have you said, “Nahh, it’ll be fine.” while setting up the tents on gameday when someone asks if we’ve staked the tents down?

It only takes one good gust to destroy a lot of equipment, and possibly cause some pretty serious injuries. By taking a few minutes to secure your tents, you can ensure that your tailgate is still standing after the big storm.

Take the Time to Stake
First of all, be sure to stake your tents down. All of the EZ-Up style tents come with enough stakes to get the job done. You’ll need to make sure you have a hammer or mallet with you in your equipment list. Stake all four corners down, and make sure that the head of the stake is as far down as possible. This prevents any wind gusts from loosening the stakes easily.

If you have more than one tent, snug them up against each other, and strap them together using wire ties. In our case, we strap all four tents together. This basically makes your setup a larger, heavier airfoil, with four times as many anchors in the ground.

“Drop” the Tents if Needed
When the big storm and heavy gusts hit, pay attention to how your tents are responding. They should be ok. If you are really getting concerned about them getting airborne, lower each tent to its lowest setting – all the way down. This effectively is reducing the amount of wind that can get up under the tents. If it’s a heavy storm, like we experienced at the Auburn-West Virginia game last year, you may spend a decent amount of time inside a “dropped” tent – there is still room under them to sit in a chair, believe it or not!

Collect New Replacement Parts
Even though you are going to take care to prevent wind from destroying your tents, they do break and wear out over time. Storms and wind provide a constant supply of replacement parts. Once the storm is over, look around campus for the skeletons of destroyed tents. There are always a few destroyed, mangled tents abandoned after a big storm. Carry a small socket set with you in your car, and examine the destroyed tents. Usually, there are only a few parts that are completely destroyed. There are plenty of pieces that are in good condition that can be scavenged to serve as future replacement parts for your own tents.

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Don’t Forget the Tickets!

We live two hours from our tailgate spot. A trip back home to get something is really not possible. While most forgotten items may not be crucial to the gameday experience, tickets really are.

As tailgaters, we tend to be focused on our tailgating supplies – did we prepare enough food for everyone? Do we have enough ice? Do we need to pick up some paper plates or trash bags on the way to campus? Unfortunately, we have been in the driveway several times when my wife has remembered to ask if I got the game tickets. She is now in charge of remembering the game tickets. I have proven over the years that I do not have the focus to handle this, so my wife is in charge of making sure we get out the door with tickets. She is much more capable of handling this than I am.

Figure out who in your household can be the dependable one when it comes to the biggest essential item of the day, and if it’s not you, accept it and move on. I have, and I am much happier knowing that we’ll get to campus with tickets in hand!

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Insect Control

Fall in the South is beautiful! The climate in September and October add so much to the college football atmosphere – but one downside to the wonderful temperatures is the presence of insects. We still have plenty of mosquitos, ants, and fleas that can hinder your tailgating experience. Here are a couple of tips to reduce the presence of insects around your tailgate.

Use a Preventive Fog or Spray
If you were throwing this party in your back yard, and you had a flea, ant, or mosquito infestation, you would probably treat your yard before the party. We treat our tailgate spot every year at the beginning of the season. We have used several different “Bug Free Backyard” types of products, and are sold on the concept. Spray your tailgate spot as before you do anything else the first week of the season. Pay special attention to any shrubbery or overgrown areas nearby, as these are the preferred grounds for mosquitos.  By the time you get your tents up and GameDay on the television, the treatment will probably be dry. Most of these treatments last for weeks, so you may even make it to the first cold weather before it wears off.

Pack Bug Spray
While it sounds simple enough, bug spray is not at the top of the packing list for most tailgaters. We tend to be focused on ice, drinks, food, and tickets. Not bugs. Bring some adult and kid-friendly bug spray to have at the tailgate, just in case you or your guests need it.
Remember that your tailgate is a party, and you are the host.  You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable. If they are being attacked by swarms of insects, they probably will not be back any time soon!

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Clean Up Your Tailgate Spot!

We love our time down on the Plains in the fall. We look forward to it every year, and treat every week as a privileged visit to our cherished campus. We believe in Auburn, and love it. Nothing makes us cringe more than seeing a pile of trash strewn across a tailgate spot at the end of the day.

Take a few minutes to clean up your tailgate spot at the end of the day. Unless you have a huge tailgate full of slobs, it really shouldn’t be in too bad of shape anyway. If you don’t have the ability to take your trash home with you, at least bag it up and leave it in a prominent spot.

Auburn University does a tremendous job of collecting trash on Sundays after games, so that campus is beautiful on Monday mornings for classes. Help them out by treating your campus with the respect it deserves by cleaning up after yourself!

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